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Aus Mining Personnel provide contract labour hire to a wide range of industries. Click here to find out more.


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Aus Mining Personnel provides temporary and contract staff to clients requiring a high quality, professional workforce.

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Aus Mining Personnel provide labour hire for a wide range of industries, on both short and long term contracts.

Welcome To Aus Mining Personnel

Aus Mining Personnel are labour hire specialists headquartered in Cairns. With a comprehensive database of individuals from a wide range of occupations and professions located throughout Australia, Aus Mining Personnel is uniquely positioned to meet the labour hire needs of almost every type of mining and industrial operation.

With a combined total of 60 years of ‘hands-on’ experience in both field and supervisory roles, Aus Mining Personnel’s team understands the diverse needs of specific client operations and environments. This knowledge enables the Aus Mining Personnel team to select the recruits which would be best suited to the requirements of each client and each project.

Through the operation of a 24 hour service, and the benefit of having hundreds of skilled labourers, tradespeople and professionals on its books, Aus Mining Personnel is quickly able to provide a high quality, professional workforce to operations located throughout Australia.

The benefits of labour hire are many. For more information, call one of the Aus Mining Personnel team on 07 4041 1377.